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Axence nVision Free


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  • Owner: Axence
  • Size : 177 MB
  • Version : (
  • Date : 23 July 2016
  • Allow : Window, 10 , 8 , 7
  • Licence : Freeware (Open Source)

This free tool is designed to enable you to keep track of all your activities such as, inventory taking, helpdesk, and device access control. This lightweight tool has very easy and user friendly graphic user interface. This free version of Axence nVision is a light version of the Axence nVision Pro that allows you to map and monitor unlimited devices. This tool can also be used as network detection tool to scan discover connect system and device. This tool also gives you list of this networks TCP/IP services. This tool allows you to develop maps of the network so that you can see the visual map of the network.


  • SoftPak | Visualization nVision Server and Network discovery
  • SoftPak | Shows WMI counters: Memory usage, disk usage, CPU load, network traffic, etc
  • SoftPak | This free tool is designed to enable you to keep track of all your activities
  • SoftPak | Counters: temperature, humidity, network traffic, power supply voltage, toner level, etc.
  • SoftPak | Able distribe files with use of WMI MIB file compiler Alerts and reports Event
  • SoftPak | Network scanning, detection of devices and TCP/IP services,
  • SoftPak | Able to web access with browser
  • SoftPak | Network monitoring Unlimited number of monitored devices
  • SoftPak | Make Reports (for user, network maps, device, branch, or entire atlas)
  • SoftPak | Shows Notifications (by e-mail, on desktop, by SMS) and repair actions (computer restart, program launch etc.)
  • SoftPak | List of applications and Windows updates on single workstation (registry)
  • SoftPak | Shows software serial numbers (keys) and complete Overview of workstation hardware
  • SoftPak | Software and Hardware inventory
  • SoftPak | Shows System info (user accounts, startup commands, SMART details, shared folders, etc.)
  • SoftPak | Show User activity monitoring User activity overview and recently Top 10 of visited web pages And many more
  • SoftPak | User Friendly
  • SoftPak | This tool is free

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