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Calibre 3.12.0


Calibre is perfect for your e-books, it is open source tool for all format of e-books.

It will manage for your all e-book collection. It is created around the concept of the e-book, for example, a single entry in your library that will correspond to real e-book files in different formats. You can convert from a large number of formats to a big number of formats. It will also support all the main e-book formats. The complete list of different formats can be found here. Conversion engine has many powerful features. Using this soft we can resize all font sizes, this soft is able to read of e-book output that it don’t matter that what font sizes are uses in input documents. We can automatically create book structure, detect, like Table of Contents and chapters. At the start of the book we can insert the book metadata into a “Book Jacket”.


We able to Syncing to e-book reader devices, It has a unique modular device driver design that able to adding support for various e-reader devices easy.  For a large number of devices it also has support, the complete list of which is available here. Will Syncing supports and updating metadata. There is available different formats, it will automatically chooses the perfect format when we uploading to the other device. If none of the any formats is perfect or suitable, before sending, Calibre will convert automatically into the e-book suitable format for the device. Able to Download news and will convert it into e-book.

Calibre automatically fetches news from RSS feeds or various websites will format the news into a e-book download and upload to a connected device. The e-books include the complete versions of the articles, not just the summaries. Calibre has more than 3 hundred news sources, this news system is plugin based that’s allowing users to easily make and publish new sources to Calibre. It will automatically collect of required news sources. It is perfect and comprehensive e-book viewer.

Has built-in eBook viewer that can show all the main e-book formats. It will fully support to bookmarks, table of Contents, CSS, a reference mode, copying, customizing the rendering via a user style sheet, printing, searching, embedded fonts, etc.

We can use it for online access to your book collection. Calibre has a built-in web server that will allow you to access to e-book collection using with a unique and simple browser from any system anywhere in the world. It can also downloaded news to you and email your books automatically. We can use for mobile devices, so you can download books and browse your collection from your Mobiles, tablets, Kindle, etc.



  • Library Management
  • Easy and Comprehensive e-book viewer
  • Content server for online access to your book collection
  • Able to download news from the any web
  • Able to converting it into e-book form
  • Able to Syncing to any e-book reader devices
  • E-book conversion
  • E-book editor
  • 100% Source e-book library management application
  • User Friendly
  • Calibre is totally free

Detail In FileHippo / SoftPak.Net

  • Owner: Calibre
  • Size : 60.3 MB
  • Version : (3.12.0)
  • Date : 11 November 2017
  • Allow : Window, 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Freeware (Open Source)

Download 32Bit@Authors Site
Download 64Bit@Authors Site

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