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Calibre 3.12.0

Calibre is perfect for your e-books, it is open source tool for all format of e-books. It will manage for your all e-book collection. It is created around the concept of the e-book, for example, a single entry in your library that will correspond to real e-book files in different formats. You can convert from a large number ...

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Take Command 21.01.58

Take Command

Take Command gives you a chance to have various comfort applications open in selected windows, with a Windows Explorer-like interface accessible for those circumstances when you require a visual take a gander at your organizers. Limitations: 30-Day Trial Detail In FileHippo / SoftPak.Net Owner: JP Software Size : 32.5 MB ...

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MiTeC Task Manager Deluxe 2.16.0

MiTeC Task Manager Deluxe dp

MiTeC Task Manager Deluxe gives a lightweight, compact bundle that will improve the highlights accessible in the standard Windows Task Manager. Since there is no establishment, there are no tracks left on your framework, and you can keep it in your toolbox for use in a hurry. There is likewise ...

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vDos 2015.08.01


vDos is gotten from the DOSBox venture, it enables you to helpfully run DOS programs in Windows. DOSBox is focused at gaming and accessible for some working frameworks. In the event that you consider utilizing DOSBox for a database application in a multi-client setting, DON’T, you’ll for the most part ...

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FileOptimizer 11.10.2015


FileOptimizer is a propelled record director and streamlining agent including a lossless (no quality misfortune) document measure diminishment that backings many organizations. FileOptimizer Features:- Straightforward program interface Simple to utilize Speedup record exchanges Simple robotization through charge line Increment the page stack speed Decrease dispersion sizes and lessen stack times ...

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Bulk Crap Uninstaller (BCUninstaller) 3.16

Bulk Crap Uninstaller

BCUninstaller (or “Bulk Crap Uninstaller”) is a free program uninstaller. It is centered around evacuating a lot of uses on the double, in a little measure of time. Video instructional exercise accessible. BCUninstaller (Bulk Crap Uninstaller) Features:- Uninstall any number of projects on the double Calm uninstall of many projects ...

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Directory Monitor

Directory Monitor

Directory Monitor is intended for ongoing observing of record changes, alterations, erasures, new documents and record get to all in genuine constant. You can alternatively execute an application when a change happens. Registry Monitor Features:- Screen registries for record changes, adjustments, cancellations and new documents progressively. Screen neighborhood registries or ...

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f.lux 4.48 Beta / 4.47


f.lux changes the shade of your PC screen to adjust to particular circumstances of the day by modifying light tones. What this utility viably does is, influences your screen to take the season of day into account and alter itself in like manner. For example, when the sun is setting ...

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Syncovery 7.88g


Syncovery will duplicate your records the way you require it done and in addition reinforcement your information and synchronize PCs, Macs, servers, note pads, and online storage room. You can set up the same number of various employments as you need and run them physically or by utilizing the scheduler. ...

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