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Fire-Alpaca 1.5.20


Detail In SoftPak.net,

  • Owner: Aomi Koto-ku
  • Size : 25.6 MB
  • Version : (1.5.20)
  • Date : 21 July 2016
  • Allow : Window, 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Ad-Supported (Open Source)

If you are a paint lover and need to pain unlimitly then you should try this utility as this tools allows you to draw your images quickly as no other tool does because this tool has so many features that lets you paint your image or illustration quickly. This utility also has so many handy painting apps that make this utility a professional painting utility.


  • SoftPak | This paint tool is highly recommended for the beginners
  • SoftPak | Perfect For the advanced users as well
  • SoftPak | No need for the tricky control because it has awesome functions
  • SoftPak | This tool is incredibly simple
  • SoftPak | AirBrush, Pen, Pencil and Watercolor are ready to use in the default setting option.
  • SoftPak | Allows you to draw your images quickly
  • SoftPak | Able to crisp stroke with pen and soft-edged
  • SoftPak | Watercolor effect are the most famous brush types
  • SoftPak | Able to customize your pen
  • SoftPak | Have symmetric brush
  • SoftPak | Rotational symmetric pattern brush will make an unexpected pattern
  • SoftPak | You can speedily draw concentration speed lines
  • SoftPak | Able to run quickly on older operating systems and hardware.
  • SoftPak | This tool helps you to draw a perspective view
  • SoftPak | You can easily add different and unique effect brushes with your image or pattern
  • SoftPak | Overall a very impressive and unique software that considering the size and cost
  • SoftPak | Easy to Use
  • SoftPak | Free

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