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  • Owner: LogMeIn, Inc
  • Size : 7.97 MB
  • Version : (
  • Date : 24 July 2016
  • Allow : Window, 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Shareware $29.00+

Hamachi is lightweight tool with very easy and simple graphic user interface is designed to enable you to create direct safe connection of your PCs that are difficult to create otherwise because of so many limitations. The interface is so simple because you have to just install and this tool on the computers that you want to connect and after installation you are just required to click on few buttons and your systems will be securely connected immediately. This tool enables you to connect any two systems inspite of firewalls. The most interesting thing is that this tool connect any two computer as peer-to-peer connections.

Hamachi Features:-

  • SoftPak | Able to lock of you Network
  • SoftPak | From the joining of any new member you can Lock your networks
  • SoftPak | Have all other access control settings.
  • SoftPak | Shows User Capacity
  • SoftPak | Every network can have up to 50 users
  • SoftPak | Network Limits
  • SoftPak | Network Capacity
  • SoftPak | Able to Create or join more than 256 networks
  • SoftPak | Provide Password Protection, Network Protection, Require anyone attempting to join your network to present a correct network password.
  • SoftPak | Network Administration
  • SoftPak | Member Eviction
  • SoftPak | Evict an current member from your network.
  • SoftPak | Able to make Chat with Peer to Peer
  • SoftPak | Able to exchange chat messages with both on and off-line peers
  • SoftPak | Have Group Chat option
  • SoftPak | Able to Chat with all online network users at once in a single chat room window
  • SoftPak | Provide Membership Approval
  • SoftPak | Prevent fresh members from having complete access to your network until manually approved by you or an administrator
  • SoftPak | Shows Network Messages
  • SoftPak | Able to Set a announcement or welcome messages for each and every network you own
  • SoftPak | Extended Connectivity
  • SoftPak | Low-Bandwidth Relays
  • SoftPak | Use relays to connect with clients that cannot, for any reason, establish a direct communication with channel
  • SoftPak | Have Member Ban option
  • SoftPak | Make a list of clients (with Hamachi IP addresses) that cannot join your personal networks under any condition
  • SoftPak | Make Administrators
  • SoftPak | Have Built-in Web Proxy
  • SoftPak | Routed tunneling Option
  • SoftPak | Simply assign more or one network members to be network administrators, and also able to designate their specific capabilities
  • SoftPak | Able to run as a Windows System Service
  • SoftPak | Able to revokes their membership, but does not prevent them from rejoining the your network
  • SoftPak | Lightweight tool
  • SoftPak | Very easy and simple graphic user interface

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