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Slitheris Network Scanner 1.1.241

SlitherisNetworkScannerSlitheris Network Scanner is a forward tool that enables you to find large amount of info regarding your network.

This tool goes over and above and drilling intensely for the info and giving it urgently. It is able of detecting multiple devices in no time and providing you not just MAC addresses but also detecting operating system, further more registered trade name such as TCP/UDP operating system. It identifies OS like IOS, Android and windows etc. with 90% authenticity.

It also find ping able devices with authenticity through multi-thread ping sweep and identify invisible devices that uses ARP pings and numerous forward  locating technology. It enables you to find case-sensitive machine names for windows and servers. It is applied on small as well as larger networks.



  • Able to Find Unpingable Network Devices
  • Show Unique and new Experimental Device Type Detection
  • Best Detection of Device Name
  • Show More Device Names Means minor Empty Space
  • Ping Sweeps Go Beyond With ARP Pings & IP Probes
  • Able to Scan Over 1000 Devices/Hr
  • Fingerprinting Operating System
  • Show Hidden Device Detection
  • Ping Sweeps Adaptive
  • Best Network Audits
  • Able to Visit Any Web GUI With Ease
  • Perfect OS Identification
  • Able to Detect Linux, iOS , Android, Windows and More
  • Show Identification Hints
  • Show MAC Address Reg. Dates
  • IP Grid Map Shows IP Status
  • Able to find Adjacent IPs At-A-Glance
  • Included 100% Free IP Scanner!
  • Perfect results of any free network scanner

Detail In SoftPak.net,

  • Owner: Komodo Labs
  • Size : 5.59 MB
  • Version : (1.1.241)
  • Date : 12 September 2017
  • Allow : Window 10 , 8 , 7 , Vista , XP
  • Licence : Freeware (Open Source)

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